How you can help:

  • Let us know who you are: get on our mailing list.
  • Bring a friend to the party. Call and email your friends now and encourage them to support us. And get them to call/email their friends.
  • Post a comment of support on the website. Hamilton monitors the site on a daily basis. We’ll forgo commenting the use of administrative resources for this purpose.
  • Remember the vote at the Spring 2006 meeting of the Alumni Association on the proposed changes to the By laws and Charter? Let the administration know that you object to any change in the bylaws or charter that restricts or impairs the right of petition. Last year the petition candidates got ~36% of the votes.
  • Also, let the administration know that you support the Alexander Hamilton Center. Call, write, or post on this site. The Center will be a significant contribution to the intellectual life on the Hill. See the page on our navigation bar on the right.
  • If you’d like to send a message for positive change at the school make a pledge of financial support expressly in favor of the Alexander Hamilton Center. OOPS! Now it seems Hamilton doesn’t want the Center and won’t permit it.  Contact Prof. Paquette or email hcagr for information.