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Dartmouth Alumni Rebuff Board, Reject Voting Change

See http://www.alumniconstitution.org/

The following excerpted from:


By Brian K. Sullivan

Nov. 2 (Bloomberg) — Alumni of Dartmouth College, the nation’s ninth-oldest school, have rejected an attempt to make it harder for dissident candidates to win a seat on the Board of Trustees.

The outcome was a defeat for the incumbent board, President James Wright and the Alumni Council. By 51 percent to 49 percent, the alumni turned down a proposal that the trustees had endorsed by a 14-3 vote. The changes required two-thirds approval.

Alumni critical of Dartmouth’s leaders say the college has become too interested in political correctness and has tried to act like a large research institution, moving away from its roots as a small liberal arts school devoted to first-rate education…

 Dartmouth, in Hanover, New Hampshire, allows alumni to choose eight of 18 trustees…

A record 24,834 of Dartmouth’s 66,500 alumni voted to retain the current constitution, under which the Alumni Council submits a list of candidates to the alumni, after which other would-be candidates can file a petition to get on the ballot.

The proposed change would have required petitions to be submitted before the council chose its slate — closing the door on candidates who put themselves forward in response to the council choices.

“We regret that the proposed reforms to the alumni constitution did not receive the votes necessary for approval,” Adelman said in an earlier e-mailed statement. “However, we are pleased to see the record number of alumni voices heard in this important decision.” …

Opposition to the changes was led by the three dissident trustees — Peter Robinson, a former speechwriter for U.S. President Ronald Reagan; George Mason University law professor Todd Zywicki; and Cypress Semiconductor founder and Chief Executive Officer Thurman Rodgers, all elected as petition candidates….

In addition to the new constitution, four other smaller changes failed to receive the two-thirds majority needed to be adopted either.

The four would have required alumni association meetings to be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order; allowed for proxy voting at association meetings; required that constitutional changes be made by a vote of three-fourths of the association members and increased the terms of the association’s executive committee to two years….

Adelman said the election demonstrates that the alumni are split down the middle. There is a “need to step back and examine this,” she said….


We ask again that the Alumni Association release the proposed changes to the bylaws which were affirmed at this past Spring’s meeting and action deferred to this coming Spring.

Why are these changes being withheld from alumni?

Posted on November 2, 2006 at 07:14PM by Registered Commenterhb | Comments1 Comment

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We ask again that the Alumni Association release the proposed changes to the bylaws which were affirmed at this past Spring's meeting and action deferred to this coming Spring.

Why is this proposal being hidden from the alumni?
November 4, 2006 at 07:13AM | Registered Commenterhb

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