We are a national group of alumni who desire to bring about constructive change at Hamilton. We are neither academics nor political activists but rather alumni looking to bring some constructive, unifying change to a school that seems to need it.

We were woken by the very visible matters of Susan Rosenberg and Ward Churchill. These events came on the heels of Tobin’s issues - the resignation for plagiarism, his handsome severance package and subsequently endowed chair - the handling of Coach Murphy, and other issues which we all know too well.

As we learned more, we came to the view that Hamilton would benefit from promoting

  • the highest of scholarly standards
  • openness & transparency in its governance
  • diligence, focus, and independence in its trustees
  • intellectual diversity and tolerance, and
  • an environment where the free and open exchange of ideas also includes its alumni & governance

Its time to move forward and constructly so. We hope to offer an effective and complementary agenda to improve Hamilton and its goverance. Its time for some new ideas, some new blood, and greater transparency on the Hill.


J. Hunter Brown, ‘76

Peter D. Brown, ‘73

Brendan McCormick, ‘93

Ben Wu, ‘73

Jim Coupe, ‘71


Steve Spritzer, ‘76

Chris Bolles, ‘85

Anne Brown, K ‘74

Mark Isaf, ‘85 

Mary Bolles, ‘86

Herb Downing, ‘76

Jim Nickel, ‘52 

Richard K. Troxell, ‘50 

M. Lori (Richard) Reidel K-77

Bill Nye, ‘52

John Isaf, ‘87

Bronson Picket ’ 93

D. Phillip Skaer II, ‘53 

Brian Holly, ‘72

Jerome Huff, ‘51

Robert L. Maider, ‘53 

Dulany H. Gibson (Whiting) K76 

Gordon Boyd, ‘68

Liz Conzen Zellner, Kirkland ‘74, UNC-MBA, ‘81

Jim Paine, ‘71

Gary D. Mahood ‘62

George Rockas

And about 1,300 more …at least that we know about….